Annex IX report on PSHP under Mass Integration of Renewables published



Annex IX has published its latest report, Role and Challenges of Pumped Storage Hydropower Under Mass Integration of Variable Renewable Energy. The report looks at  power adjustment by PSHP in Europe, the USA, and Japan under mass integration of variable renewable energy, covering the role of PSHP,  the current status of PSHP business and...

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Annex XV publishes report on Maintenance Works and Decision-Making for Hydro Facilities

 AnnexXV_Appendix1This extensive report provides the results of Annex XV's asset management investigation which involved the collection and evaluation of 196 international examples of good practices to determine drivers for decision making for hydropower maintenance, and the decision-making process based on those good practices. More information and download the report here...


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Valuing Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets: Current Status and Future Outlook for Hydropower



Annex IX has released two documents focusing on hydropower's role in valuing flexibility in evolving energy markets: a comprehensive Technical Report including case studies and survey results from a range of  markets, and an Executive Summary presented as a White Paper with key findings and recommendations for policy makers. More about Annex IX here..


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