Enhanced Resources on Small Hydro

311-AltImagejpgThe small hydro section of this website has been enlarged and enhanced to provide a wide range of easily accessible resources on all aspects of small-scale hydro development. This includes material  previously accessed through the Annex II Small-Scale Hydro International Gateway. We encourage vistors to contribute ideas for material to be included.  See our Annex II page for...

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IEA Hydro Workshop on Maintenance Works and Decision-Making for Hydro Facilities October 2017

Owners and Managers of ageing hydropower schemes are invited to attend IEA Hydro's Annex XV Workshop on "Maintenance Works and Decision-Making for Hydro Facilities" immediately following HYDRO 2017 in Seville, Spain 9-11, October 2017.  IEA Hydro's work in this area is detailed on this website. For information on the Annex workshop, please contact the Secretary, IEA Hydro.

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IEA Hydro Workshop on Management Models for Hydropower Cascade Reservoirs September 2017

Owners and managers of hydropower cascade schemes are invited to attend IEA Hydro's Annex XIV Workshop on "Management Models for Hydropower Cascade Reservoirs" during the first week of September 2017. The workshop will be held at the Three Gorges Project in China. For more information on the work of this Annex, please see this website. For more information on the workshop, please contact...

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