Annex IX: Hydropower Services (2011 - Present)


The objectives of Annex IX are to

  • Value grid services provided by hydropower, such as ancillary services to stabilize the electric grid
  • Analyse, value and allocate hydropower's non-energy services such as flood/drought protection, irrigation, water supply, navigation and recreation.

Annex IX has the overall aim is to enhance the understanding of: 

  • the type of energy and non-energy services hydropower can provide to energy security, water security and sustainable development
  • the potential consequences of providing such services for the hydropower sector in terms of required adjustments in operation, maintenance and development practices
  • appropriate economic assessment methods to quantify the value of these services
  • how the costs of providing multiple services are apportioned between the various stakeholders
  • how regulatory frameworks, market mechanisms and business models can sustain, or hamper, the optimal deployment or development of multipurpose hydropower services 


October 2017: Summary Report

VALUING HYDROPOWER SERVICES: The Economic Value of Energy and Water Management Services provided by Hydropower Projects with Storage was published in October 2017.

2017: Communication strategy and material / dissemination


1. Identify the organisations interested in participation and collaboration and the staff within these organisations who will participate.
2. Undertake a Literature Review of previous work on the topic 
3. Develop a project plan, with activities and schedule, of the work required to meet the task objectives
4. Undertake work and prepare a report on the outcomes
5. Disseminate the results

Case studies will be used to validate economic assessment methods, quantifying the added value created by a specific hydropower scheme, in a given river basin, through its various multipurpose enabling functions.

Workshops & Conference Sessions

July 2015, HydroVision, Portland, USA 
October 2015, HYDRO 2015, Bordeaux, France. Download paperEconomic Benefits of Multipurpose Hydropower Reservoirs in the United States


The Annex has two Tasks, organized as follows:

  • Task 1- Valuation of energy management services (power services). Task Manager - Argonne National Laboratory, USA
  • Task 2 - Valuation of non-power services. Task Manager to be determined.

Non-power services include

  • Water management
  • Regional development
  • Human development
  • Environmental services

Task Members

Associated Task members: France, Finland, Australia, Japan, Brazil

Collaborative international organizations: IHA (MoU under development), ICOLD, WWC, Eurelectric WG - Hydro, World Bank, NHA, GTZ, UNESCO, Division of Water Science 


IEA Hydro invites interested parties to contribute to this program of work. For more information, please contact the IEA Hydro Secretary

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