Task 9: Valuing Hydropower Services - Phase II (2018 - present) including Task IX/Task XII Joint Task ( 2019 - present)

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AnnexIX_PSHReport_Oct2021Report on Flood and Drought Management Services by Hydropower

Task 9 has published a new report on case studies related to flood and drought management services provided by hydropower plants. The report can be downloaded here.

Annex IX report on PSHP published October 2021

Annex IX has published its latest report, Role and Challenges of Pumped Storage Hydropower Under Mass Integration of Variable Renewable Energy. The report looks at  power adjustment by PSHP in Europe, the USA, and Japan under mass integration of variable renewable energy, covering the role of PSHP,  the current status of PSHP business and good practices of PSHP development. Download the report here...

AnnexIXReport_June2012_CoverValuing Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets Report Released June 2021

Annex IX has released its latest report, Valuing Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets: Current Status and Future Outlook for Hydropower. Using a range of international case studies, the report presents a system-level review of how flexibility services are defined, procured, and valued in selected electricity markets, with a particular focus on the status and outlook for hydropower. Download the report here... 
See also the White Paper Executive Summary below.

 Valuing Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets Executive Summary White Paper


Annex IX has released an Executive Summary of the above report in the form of a White Paper. Download the White Paper here...


AnnexIX&XII_JointWorkshopImageAnnex IX & Annex XII Joint Online Meeting on Flood Control & Drought Management Services

A third online meeting was held on 24 Septembert 2020, with almost 50 participants representing 18 countries or organisations. Read the meeting notes here...


Annex IX Online Workshop on Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets

AnnexIX_3JuneWorkshop_smallAnnex IX held a successful online workshop on 3 June 2020, with 60 participants representing 18 countries or organisations. Read more and download the presentations here...


AnnexIX&XII_JointWorkshopImageAnnex IX & XII Joint Online Workshop on Flood Control Services

Covid-19 restrictions on face-to-face meetings has not stopped IEA Hydro's ongoing work, with Annexes IX and XII hosting our first online workshop on Flood Control and Drought Management Services on 27 May 2020. 35 participants from 14 countries and organisations made presentations or contributed to the Q&A on. See here for details...


See here for more news on Task IX...


IEA Hydro invites interested parties to contribute to this program of work. For more information, please contact the Operating Agent, Atle Harby


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