Past Achievements & Completed Activities

The IEA Technoogy Cooperation Programme on Hydropower (formerly the IEA Hydropower Implementing Agreement) is now in its 5th Phase (2015- 2020). Since its inception it has focused on meaningful activities to facilitate worldwide recognition of hydropower as a well-established and socially desirable energy technology, and to advance the development of new hydropower and the modernisation of existing hydropower. It has done this through a range of research initiatives. Click on the links below to view details of these past acheievements and ongoing activities and to access the reports that have been produced.

PHASE 5 - 2015-2020

In Phase 5 IEA Hydro has initiated three new Annexes. The second phase of Annex IX will focus on the Utilization of Hydropower Flexibility Capability in Evolving Energy Systems. Annex XIV will address issues particular to cascade systems, while Annex XV follows on from the work of Annex XI on Renewal and Upgrading, and will focus on the decision-making processes related to maintenance programmes. Follow the links for more information about these and other ongoing Annexes. 

New Phase 5

Completed Phase 5

Ongoing Phase 5

PHASE 4 - 2010-2015

In Phase 4 IEA Hydro initiated three new Annexes. Annex IX was established to address the issue of the valuation of hydropower services, both energy and non-energy services,  Annex XI to cover best practices in upgrading and renewal of hydroplants  and Annex XIII to produce a roadmap covering issues relarted to fish and hydropower. Annex XI was completed. Follow the links for more information about these and other ongoing Annexes, and to access the reports of the completed Annexes.. 

New Phase 4

Completed Phase 4


PHASE 3 - 2005-2010

In Phase 3 the group built on its past achievements. A new Annex XII was scoped to research issues of GHG emissions from freshwater reservoirs. A second task updated the Recommendations of Annex II in Phase . Annex X was a joint initiative with the IEA Wind Impleemnting Agreement and covered issues associated with the successful integration of wind energy into hydropower systems. 

Completed Phase 3


PHASE 2 - 2000-2005

In Phase 2, three new Annexes were formed. The focus on education and training continued in Annex VII, which demonstrated the potentials and strengths of a learning management system in web-based training and exchange of information. A Public Awareness task force, Annex VI, set up the first website to promote the work of the Implementing Agreement, and to offer resources for hydro professionals and non-professionals. It also produced two major documents on Hydropower Development. Another team, Annex VIII, led by Japan, developed an extensive database of hydropower success stories, in design, operation and mitigation. Annex VIII completed its work early in Phase 3, in 2006.

Completed Phase 2


PHASE 1 - 1995-2000

The four original Annexes set up during the Hydropower Agreement's first phase, produced 19 technical reports and data bases, most of which are intended for use by professionals in their respective fields. Three of the Annexes completed their tasks during Phase I. One Annex, Small Scale Hydropower, continued to facilitate the development of new small hydro projects through its international web-based database.

Completed Phase 1