Communiqué from Annex IX-XII Workshop on Hydropower Services and Climate Change

In December 2019, IEA Hydro's  Annex IX and XII held a joint workshop in Rio on "Hydropower Services and Climate Change: Adaptation, Resilience and Valuation of Climate Change Services". Joint organisers, Atle Harbe (SINTEF, Norway) and Jorge Damazio (CEPEL, Brazil) have issued a communiqué from the workshop explaining briefly the background, the key topics discussed...

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IEA Hydropower – European Commission DG RTD Joint Workshop on Fish and Hydropower

Joint Workshop
IEA Hydropower TCP – European Commission DG RTD
 29 and 30 May 2017

Madou building, Auditorium Karel Van Miert
 Place Madou 1, Brussels

The increased focus on ecological issues in regulated rivers calls for an international understanding on how hydropower industry can be developed towards a more environmentally friendly operation and how European legislation and...

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