Annex IX & XII Joint Workshop on Flood Control


Covid-19 restrictions on face-to-face meetings has not stopped IEA Hydro's ongoing work, with Annexes IX and XII hosting our first online workshop on 27 May 2020. 35 participants from 14 countries and organisations made presentations, or contributed to the Q&A, on Flood Control and Drought Management Services. Find details and the presentations here....

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IEA Hydro seeks case studies on provision of flood control and drought management services

Following the joint workshop on Hydropower Services and Climate Change in Brazil, in December 2019,  IEA Hydro wishes to collect examples of case studies of hydropower plants, dams and reservoirs providing flood control and drought management services. These examples will be compiled in a report for showcasing how hydropower services contributes to the society in current and future...

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Communiqué from Annex IX-XII Workshop on Hydropower Services and Climate Change

In December 2019, IEA Hydro's  Annex IX and XII held a joint workshop in Rio on "Hydropower Services and Climate Change: Adaptation, Resilience and Valuation of Climate Change Services". Joint organisers, Atle Harbe (SINTEF, Norway) and Jorge Damazio (CEPEL, Brazil) have issued a communiqué from the workshop explaining briefly the background, the key topics discussed...

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IEA Hydro publishes third volume of GHG Guidelines

AnnexXII_Vol3_Jan2018_CoverforWebsiteIEA Hydro's Annex XII has published the 3rd Volume of its Guidleines for Managing the Carbon Blance of Freshwater Reservoirs.  Volume 3: Management, Mitigation and Allocationon is a state-of-the-art Guideline identifiying best practices and providing a reference framework for the management, mitigation and allocation of net GHG emissions from freshwater reservoirs. This...

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Call for papers ASLO 2018, Victoria, BC

ASLO 2018The IEA Hydro TCP will present at the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Summer Meeting, Water Connects, which will be held 10-15 June 2018 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. The call for papers is under way and will be concluded on 23 February 2018. Please see the list of special sessions available for abstract submissions.


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