The International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Program on Hydropower (IEA Hydro) will be holding a Kick-Off Workshop from midday on Monday 3 December to midday on Wednesday, 5 December 2018, in Brussels, Belgium. This will cover the work of ANNEX IX Phase II-Valuing Hydropower Services - Utilization of Hydropower Flexibility Capability in Evolving Energy Systems 

Interested parties are invited to attend and participate.

The overall purpose of the Kick-Off workshop is to define the scope of research and the work plan to reach the Annex Objectives, as well as confirm the participants who will contribute to the Annex.  

The workshop will start with key note presentations by the IEA and others on the work being undertaken on related topics covering valuing hydropower flexibility. This will be followed by a “gap analysis” to identify key research topics required to meet the Annex objectives that are not presently being covered. The workshop will conclude with the development of a work plan and the participant’s contributions to the research.

For more information and to register your interest contact the IEA Hydro Secretary