Annex X: Integration of Wind into Hydropower Systems (Completed 2011) 


The IEA Wind Implementing Agreement formed an Annex on the integration of wind and hydropower systems, and proposed that the Hydropower Implementing Agreement form a similar Annex. The Hydropower IA Annex on photo_wind_hydro_montageIntegration of Wind into Hydropower Systems had some common goals, and some discrete to the Hydropower industry. Working together with the Wind Annex, the Hydropower Annex had the objective of identifying ways that hydropower can enhance the development of wind energy, while increasing its own value and effectiveness. 


The primary purposes of this Annex was to conduct cooperative research concerning the generation, transmission, and economics of integrating wind and hydropower systems, and to provide a forum for information exchange.
The following were specific objectives of the Annex:


The Hydropower Annex X worked jointly with the Wind Implementing Agreement’s Wind/Hydro Annex, to undertake research and studies on such issues as grid integration, hydrologic impacts, market and economic issues and simplified modeling of wind-hydro integration potential. Some key issues of specific interest to hydropower generators include the simulation of water resource, reservoir storage and wind forecasting to optimize utilization, social and environmental issues arising from integration and the value of the ancillary services that hydropower can provide. While integration of wind energy (new and existing developments) into existing hydropower and other systems is the initial focus of the Annexes, the Hydropower group will also consider the synergies of developing new hydropower in joint hydro-wind developments.

Final reports

The final technical reports of IEA Wind Task 24 (IEAHydro Task X): Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems are in two volumes. These reports are the result of a four-year effort involving seven member countries and thirteen participating organizations. 

Volume 1: Issues, Impacts, and Economics of Wind and Hydropower Integration

Volume 2: Participant Case Studies

More information

For more information about the Wind/Hydro Integration Annex contact the IEA Hydro Secretary.