Annex XII Hydropower and the Environment: Task 2 - Update of Recommendations on Hydropower & the Environment (2009-2010)


During Phase 1 of the Hydropower IA, Annex III on Hydropower and Environment was completed, with extensive input from the contributing countries. It was a very successful Annex with follow up and use by various organizations around the world. However, there is a need and an opportunity to undertake further work on this subject as much of the information is still valid, but some needs readdressing. A key current issue in Europe relates to energy policy frameworks and legislative and decision -making processes in relation to assessing environmental/social impacts of hydropower and the approval of hydropower projects. This is a common challenge throughout the world. The dissemination phase of Annex III had challenges, as though the report recommendations were very good, they were not effectively disseminated. 

With Finland leading the initiative, it was decided in 2009, that the five main Recommendations of Annex III (Environmental and Social Aspects of Hydropower, IEA, 2000) should be reviewed, revised and updated to reflect the present situation for Hydropower.

Annex III had identified five areas which posed the most significant challenges to the hydropower sector. Recommendations were made for each of the five areas for use by government decision makers, regulators and other project approval agencies, financial institutions and government aid agencies

The study laid the foundation for subsequent work which is contributing to the global effort of making hydropower development more sustainable.


Update of Annex III Recommendations (October 2010)  DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT (pdf, 872kb)

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