Annex VIII : Hydropower Good Practices 

Key Issues and Case Studies

Below you will find more than 60 individual case studies of good practice, relating to 10 Key Issues (KIs).  The case studies are best read in conjunction with the Summary Report.

Biophysical Impacts

KI-1 Biological Diversity

KI-2 Hydrological Regimes 

KI-3 Fish Migration and River Navigation

KI-4 Reservoir Sedimentation

KI-5 Water Quality

KI-6 Reservoir Impoundment

Socio-Economic Impacts

KI-7 Resettlement

KI-8 Minority Groups

KI-9 Public Health

KI-10 Landscape and Cultural Heritages

Sharing of Development Benefits

KI-11 Benefits due to Power Generation

KI-12 Benefits due to Dam Function

KI-13 Improvement of Infrastructure

KI-14 Development of Regional Industries

KI-15 - Others