Annex XVI: Hidden Hydro - Workshops

Webinar 28 february 2022: What Research and Innovation are Needed to Tap More Hidden Hydro Opportunities in the Future?

In the framework of subtask 4 and in collaboration with the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum an online kick-off workshop “What research and innovation are needed to tap more hidden hydro opportunities in future?” was organized. More than 50 participants discussed the potential innovative research and development initiatives in the field of “Hidden and Untapped Hydropower Opportunities in Existing Infrastructures” with the purpose to contribute to the development of a future oriented research and innovation agenda.

More information can be found on the HYDROPOWER EUROPE website


Online Workshop 1 July 2021HiddenHydroImage copy: Hidden and Untapped Hydropower Opportunities in Existing Infrastructures

This online workshop was "attended" by 28 participants from Australia, EU, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland and USA. 

Task 1 Inventories 

Task 2 ‐ Refurbishment projects aiming to improve performance and production of existing HPP

Task 3 ‐ Adding Power to non‐power dams and water management facilities, multi‐usage of waterHidden Hydro Image

Task 4 ‐  Hydropower technology research and innovation in the context of Hidden Hydropower opportunities


Should you have any questions about the Workshop or tebn Annex, please contact the Operating Agent, Cecile Münch‐Alligné


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