Annex IX: Valuing Hydropower Services 



Annex IX Online Meeting - 14 September 2021

An Online Meeting  with more than 70 invitees was held on 14 September 2021. Read more and download the presentations here.


Annex IX Online Workshop on Flexibility in Evolving Energy Markets - 3 June 2020

Annex IX held a successful online workshop on 3 June 2020, with 60 participants representing 18 countries or organisations. Read more and download the presentations here.

Annex IX & XII Joint Online Workshop on Flood Control and Drought Management Services - 27 May 2020.

 More than 35 people participated in an internationa online workshop on 27 May 2020. Read more and download the presentations here.


Rio Workshop

In December 2019, IEA Hydro's  Annex IX and XII held a joint workshop in Rio on "Hydropower Services and Climate Change: Adaptation, Resilience and Valuation of Climate Change Services".

Joint organisers, Atle Harbe (SINTEF, Norway) and Jorge Damazio (CEPEL, Brazil) have issued a communiqué from the workshop explaining briefly the background, the key topics discussed and the future needs for research and the way forward. They encourage distribution of the communiqué to anyone  interested in this subject. 

Read the COMMUNIQUÉ here...


HYDRO 2019

In October 2019, a White Paper, Flexible hydropower providing value to renewable energy markets was launched at Hydro 2019 in Porto, Portugal, The White Paper describes the role of hydropower and the need for flexibility in the future electricity system, aiming to provide a high-level overview of key issues with the intent of identifying priority areas for further in-depth reviews and analyses. 

Read the WHITE PAPER here...


February 2019 Annex Meeting, Japan

December 2018, Brussels. Phase II Kick-off meeting. The overall purpose of the Kick-Off workshop was to define the scope of research and the work plan to reach the Annex Objectives, as well as confirm the participants who will contribute to the Annex.  Following presentations by the IEA and others on the work being undertaken on related topics covering valuing hydropower flexibility, a “gap analysis” was conducted to identify key research topics required to meet the Annex objectives that are not presently being covered. The workshop concluded with the development of a work plan and the participant’s contributions to the research.

October 2018, HYDRO 2018, Gdansk, Poland
October 2017, HYDRO 2017, Seville, Spain
October 2016, HYDRO 2016, Montreux, Switzerland
October 2015, HYDRO 2015, Bordeaux, France. Download paperEconomic Benefits of Multipurpose Hydropower Reservoirs in the United States
July 2015, HydroVision, Portland, USA


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