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Hydrovison International will be held in Nashvile, TN, USA, 22-25 July, 2014. For more information and to register...

International Journal on Hydropower & Dams will host HYDRO 2014 "Building on Recent Development Progress"13-15 October 2014, Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy. See the brochure...

The Roorkee Institute is also offering a Masters of Technology programme in Alternate Hydro Energy SystemsFor criteria of entry & prospectus ...

International Water Power & Dam Construction now has a free, fully searchable database of articles and news stories1998 - present.

IEAHydro's Annex II has launched its Small Hydro International Gateway, with multiple resources for the small hydro community...

Building on Recent
Development Progress
13 to 15 October 2014
Villa Erba, Cernobbio (on the shores of Lake Como), Italy




Welcome to the website of IEA Hydropower
The International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement
for Hydropower Technologies and Programmes

On this site you will find:


New member countries

IEA Hydro welcomes Australia and France as new members of the Implementing Agreement.

New Annex on Hydropower and Fish

IEA Hydro has a new annex, Annex XIII on “Hydropower and Fish”. The Annex will address issues associated with the interaction of hydropower projects and fish, in regions of interest to the participants. Countries presently involved are Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Lao PDR, Norway and USA.

The work of the Annex will be reported and disseminated widely, in due course.  For more information, and enquiries about participation, contact the Secretary.

IEA Roadmap for Hydropower 

Hydro Roadmap Cover

  • The International Energy Agency's Technology Roadmap for Hydropower (launched October, 2012) details action needed from policy makers to allow hydroelectric production to double, and addresses necessary conditions, including resolving environmental issues and gaining public acceptance. Download a copy of the Roadmap from the IEA website.

GHG Report Cover

GHG Measurement Guidelines Launched

New Small Hydro International Gateway Launched

  • Annex II has launched its exciting new Small Hydro International Gateway website.  Completely resdesigned and updated, it offers the small hydro community a portal for presenting state-of-the-art Innovatives Technologies, and a forum for Resource, Technological and Regulatory Issues Related to Small Scale Hydropower. Visit now...


Conference News


HYDRO 2013, October 2013

IEA Hydro hosted three Workshops at Hydro 2013,  Innsbruck, Austria 7-9 October, 2013

  • Annex IX: Hydropower Services.Tuesday 8th October, 2013 afternoon - Session 16 Focused on our investigative programme on services provided by hydro projects to enhance the understanding of the economic values of energy management (ancillary services provided to the electric grid), water management and other socio-economic services.   For more information on the work of this Annex ... 
  • Annex XI: Renewal and Upgrading of Hydro Plants. Wednesday 9th October, 2013 at 0830 - Session 20: Outline: This workshop presented and discussed the ongoing work being undertaken by the IEA Hydropower IA to investigate best practices associated with renewal and upgrading of hydropower facilities. Theme:  Decision Making for Renewals and Upgrading of Hydroplants: Energy Policy and Economic Drivers. For more information on the work of this Annex ....
AFRICA 2013, April 2013

IEA Hydro hosted/cohosted three workshops at AFRICA 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in April 2013.

A one-day training seminar on small hydro was organized by ESHA, with input from IEAHydro's Annex on Small-Scale Hydropower. Topics covered included: automation and management aspects, environmental issues, financing, design, engineering, legal frameworks and hydrology. Papers presented were:
  • Small hydro for rural development
  • Steffturbine - a micro hydro turbine based on conveyor belt technology
  • Policy and programs for small scale hydro - what works and what does not?
  • Low cost small scale hydropower using modular in-race turbines
  • Experience with small scale hydropower development for Africa 

For more information on the work of IEA Hydro's Smallcale-Hydropower Annex...

 Other Hydropower Resources

Renewable Energy Essentials : Hydropower

  • A major initiative of the US Department of Energy in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the Hydropower Advancement Project which aims to develop and disseminate best practices, assessment, and analysis tools to stimulate and accelerate increases in hydropower asset performance and value. For more on the project...
  • IEA Hydro's "Update of Recommendations on Hydropower and the Environment", prepared by Annex XII, are now available for download
  • Manual_for_Hydropower_Inventory_Studies_of_River_BasinsThe "Manual for Hydropower Inventory Studies of River Basins" (38MB, pdf), a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Brazil, CEPEL and The World Bank, is now available in English. This 2010 edition, a translation of the 2007 Portuguese edition, "intends to offer the international community a basic reference to be considered in the portfolio of possible energy solutions in developing countries, which should be of interest to multilateral financing and development organizations".
    Annex XI: Renewal and Upgrading of Hydropower Plants
    International Energy Agency, Hydropower Implementing Agreement, Annex IX: Hydropower Services
    U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Hydropower Advancement Project (HAP)


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