IEA Hydro will hold two workshops at HYDO 2017 in Seville Spain. These are as follow: 

Monday 9 October - Session 6: GHG Emissions

IEA Hydro's Annex XII will launch its third Volume of Guidelines on Management, Mitigation and Modelling of GHG Reservoir Emissions. Following an overview of the report, alternative methodologies to reduce emissions, where possible, and allocate them to the various users of multipurpose reservoirs will be outlined. This will be followed by presentations of international examples of successful approaches. 

Wednesday 11 October - Session 28: Water Management Services

With the penetration of variable renewables increasing in many jurisdictions, hydropower is becoming an important provider of balancing services. At the same time, there is increasing awareness  and take-up of the water management services that that multi-purpose reservoirs provide. The IEA Hydro Annex on Valuing Hydropower Services identifies these energy and management services,  enhances the understanding of their economic values and costs and suggests appropriate technologies to estimate their value. 

The session will focus on this work. Presentations will be made of successful approaches, including hydropower providing balancing services in several countries.