Annex XI: Renewal & Upgrading of Hydropower Plants (2010 - 2015)


To provide useful information for the successful management of renewal and upgrading projects of existing hydropower to hydro professionals such as hydro-owners, operators and future developers, hydro planners and designers, etc. 

The Annex sought case histories to cover:

  • Strategic planning of hydroplant renewal and upgrading programs (asset management approach)
  • Decision making criteria in the selection of the renewal and upgrading plan, including energy policy, energy security and integrated water resource management
  • Strategic planning approach, including how financial support schemes (CDM, green certificates, feed-in tariffs) influence decisions to invest in renewals and upgrades.
  • Innovative management approaches to renewal and upgrading of hydropower plants, covering: Project delivery Workforce organization and management Innovative environmental management approaches during renewal and upgrading of hydropower plants Approaches taken in developing countries Overall statistics of hydroplant renewal and upgrading programs, including costs


Two volume report covering good practice in the renewal and upgrading of existing hydropower plants, published March 2016. 





A Flyer describing the work of the Annex is also availableDownload Annex XI Report Flyer 



Following the Annex VIII model, case histories have been collected that cover examples of renewal and upgrading projects on existing hydropower facilities from around the world. These focus in two categories covering:

  • Category 1: Public policies, decision indicators, facilitation measures, asset management criteria and life cycle cost evaluation, will be analyzed under 
  • Category 2: examples of modern technologies and good practices in terms of systems and materials 

Workshops & Conference Sessions

July 2011, Hydrovision, Sacramento, CA              
May 2012, Washington, DC.
October 2012, Bilbao, Spain
June 2013, Oslo, Norway
October 2013, Innsbruck, Austria
October 2014, Cernobbio, Italy
October 2015, Bordeaux, France


This Annex has been managed as a single task.

Task Members

Member Countries: Japan (OA), Norway, Australia and USA, with other countries providing case studies.


For more information about this initiative please contact the Operating Agent:

New Energy Foundation
International Affairs and Technology Department
Hydro and Geothermal Power Development Center

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