Annex II: Small-Scale Hydropower (2000 - Present)


What is small-scale hydro? Definitions vary from country to country, but the benefits are universal. Read more about small-scale hydro here.

Regardless of the size, advances in fully automated hydropower installations and reductions in manufacturing costs have made small scale hydropower increasingly attractive. The IEA Hydro task force on Small Scale Hydropower (Annex II) has been active in several areas.

  • Assessment tools & methodologies, financing, economic risk & sensitivity analysis and more
  • Analysis of government policies & experiences, what works & what doesn’t
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of small-hydro data through this website
  • Providing information on state-of-art technologies for the development of small hydro projects



TASK A1: Small Hydro International Gateway 
In 2012 the task force on Small-Scale Hydropower (Annex II) launched its Small Hydro International Gateway to facilitate the development of new small hydro projects of more than 50 kW and less than 10MW installed capacity. 

As of May 2017 this data has been incorporated into this site,

TASK A3: Government Policies and Experience – What Works and What Doesn’t? REPORT TO BE ISSUED LATE 2017.

TASK A5Sustainable Small-Scale Hydropower in Local Communities. COMPLETED 2017

The Final Report (March 2017) consists of a summary report and 3 appendices. DOWNLOAD the report as follows:. 


TASK B2: Innovative Technologies and applications for small, mini and micro hydro.   COMPLETED 2010.
Report findings and detailed informaton are available on our Small Hydro Innovative Technologies page



  • PAST ANNEX II REPORTS: Download all reports of this Annex from our Publications page.
  • EXTERNAL REPORTS & OTHER RESOURCES: We also offer a database of reports on all aspects of small hydro from a variety of international sources. Access the resources here. 


The goals of the Annex are fulfilled through Tasks focussing on issues determined to be of interest to the wider small hydro community, followed by literature searches, surveys, consultations, workshops, and peer reviews before final reports are issued..

Workshops & Conference Sessions

The Annex conducts workshops at hydro conferences, and supports seminars and training programmes with organisations such as ESHA, UNIDO, IN-SHP et al. Notice of these workshops is posted on this website.


  • A1 - World-Wide Small Hydro Information and Technology Exchange Website
  • A3 - Government Policies and Experience – What Works and What Doesn’t?
  • A5 - Sustainable Small-Scale Hydropower in Local Communities
  • B2 - Innovative Technologies and applications for small, mini and micro hydro – On-going requirement for the review and approval of new technologies
  • B5 - Computerised tools for preliminary design, assessment and equipment selection – Completed 

Task Members

Japan, Norway, United States


IEA Hydro invites interested parties to contribute to this program of work. For more information, please contact the IEA Hydro Secretary.


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