Annex II: Small-Scale Hydropower (2000 - Present)


Advances in fully automated hydropower installations and reductions in manufacturing costs have made small scale hydropower increasingly attractive. The task force on Small Scale Hydropower (Annex II) is active in several areas.

  • Assessment tools & methodologies, financing, economic risk & sensitivity analysis and more
  • Analysis of government policies & experiences, what works & what doesn’t
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of small-hydro data through its website


TASK A1: In 2012 the task force on Small-Scale Hydropower (Annex II) launched its updated website as the Small Hydro International Gateway. This is an international database which facilitates the development of new small hydro projects of more than 50 kW and less than 10MW installed capacity. It provides information on

  • State-of-the-art innovative technologies; policy, planning and regulatory issues
  • Assessment tools and methodologies for potential and developed sites
  • International contacts
  • News & events

TASK A3: Report 

TASK A5: Report with summary of best practices and case histories (due mid 2016) 

TASK B2: Innovative Technologies and applications for small, mini and micro hydro.  Download the Summary Report. See details of the technologies on The Small Hydro International Gateway 


For past reports of this Annex go to our Publications page 


The goals of the Annex are addressed through Tasks focussing on selected issues and via The Small Hydro International Gateway (

This website has over 1700 registered users and includes 350 listings in the on-line directory of experienced small hydro individuals available to provide advice. With an extensive small-hydro library, it includes a database of potential sites with RETScreen evaluation files for USA non-powered dams and Ontario small dam sites.

Workshops & Conference Sessions

The Annex conducts workshops at hydro conferences, and supports seminars and training programmes with organisations such as ESHA, UNIDO, IN-SHP, NRCan. Notice of these workshops is posted on the website.


A1 - World-Wide Small Hydro Information and Technology Exchange Website

A3 - Government Policies and Experience – What Works and What Doesn’t?

A5 - Sustainable Small-Scale Hydropower in Local Communities

B2 - Innovative Technologies and applications for small, mini and micro hydro – On-going requirement for the review and approval of new technologies

B5 - Computerised tools for preliminary design, assessment and equipment selection – Completed 


Task Members

Japan, Norway, United States


IEA Hydro invites interested parties to contribute to this program of work, starting with participation in the Annex meetings and panel discussions. For more information, please the Annex Operating Agent below.

Kearon Bennett
Operating Agent and Secretary Annex II
President Ottawa Engineering Limited
Priscilla Street, Ottawa, CANADA
Tel: +1 6138208234

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