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Building on Recent
Development Progress
13 to 15 October 2014
Villa Erba, Cernobbio (on the shores of Lake Como), Italy




Current Activities

Annex XII: Hydropower and the Environment

Task 1: Managing the Carbon Balance of Freshwater Reservoirs
Task 2: Update of Annex III Recommendations

Task 1: Managing the Carbon Balance of Freshwater Reservoirs

Brazil is leading this major initiative with CEPEL as the Project Manager, and the work undertaken by CEPEL in partnership with Brazilian and other universities and research institutions from ExCo member countries, Japan, Norway, Finland, and the USA. Canada agreed to make contributions to the work of the Annex and other contributions are presently expected from Portugal and France.


The objectives of the comprehensive work program are to:

  • increase knowledge of the processes
  • establish guidelines for planning studies on the carbon balance in reservoirs
  • standardize GHG flux evaluation methods.


Guidelines will issued in 2 volumes

  • Volume 1: Guidelines for the Quantitative Analysis of Net GHG Emissions from Reservoirs
  • Volume 2:  Modelling

Work Program and Timeline

Since the kickoff meeting in August 2009 at CEPEL’s offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a detailed program of work has been developed, three Annex meetings have been held, and workshops have taken place  at HYDRO 2009, in Lyon, France, and Lisbon, Portugal in October, 2010. 

  • The first draft of Volume 1 will be issued March 2011. 
  • Field measurements will be undertaken in 2011 and 2012, covering four campaigns
  • Development of the reservoir modeling tools will be completed in 2012
  • Volume 2: Modelling is due for completion 2012
  • Best Practice Guidelines to manage GHG emissions, will be drafted by the end of 2012
  • Communication tools for transparent dissemination of results will be developed in 2012

Invitation to participate

IEA Hydro invites interested parties to contribute to this program of work, starting with participation in the Annex meetings and panel discussions. For more information, please contact:

Project Manager

Jorge Machado Damazio  CEPEL - Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica/Electrical Energy Research Cente Departamento de Otimização Energética e Meio Ambiente
Ave Horácio Maecedo, 354
Cidade Universitária
CEP 21944-970
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Tel: +55-21-2598 6086

Task 2: Update of Annex III Recommendations 

Update of Recommendations on Hydropower & the Environment October 2010


With Finland leading the initiative, it was decided in 2009, that the five main Recommendations of Annex III ("Environmental and Social Aspects of Hydropower", IEA, 2000) should be reviewed, revised and updated to reflect the present situation for Hydropower. 

Annex III had identified five areas which posed the most significant challenges to the hydropower sector. Recommendations were made for each of the five areas for use by government decision makers, regulators and other project approval agencies, financial institutions and government aid agencies

The study laid the foundation for subsequent work which is contributing to the global effort of making hydropower development more sustainable.


The updated recommendations are now available.

For more information on this work, or to make a comment, please contact the IEA Hydro Secretary.


Raimo Kaikkonen
Manager, Real Estate
Hydropower and Business Development
Kemijoki Oy
Valtakatu 11
P.O. Box 8131
FIN-96101 Rovaniemi
Tel: +358 16 740 2821
email: raimo.kaikkonen@kemijoki.oy